Millen Around Inc. - Executive Board & Staff

Founded in 1992 by Michael Ray Millen and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Millen Around Inc. has developed into several divisions such as Millen Around Studios, Millenoma Films, Millencholy Creative Services, Millen-2-One-Shot Publicity, Millenthrope Talent Group, Millennium Vending Services and the Church of Millenarianism.


Representing the hugely popular Internet sensation, Mike The Janitor, our organization has expanded into other markets within the United States and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NASDAQ: MTJE).


We have offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, New York, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas/Fort Worth, St. Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, Boston and Washington D.C. We're also in international markets like London, Tokyo, Dubai, Moscow, Beijing, Johannesburg, Havana, Frankfurt, New Dehli, Sydney, Manila and Rome.

Michael R. Millen
Founder & President
Watt R. Millen
CFO & Vice President
Riley S. Williams
Web Development & Online Services
Adriano V. Dolce
Director of Foreign Relations
Martin Coen Kubrick
Vice President of Audio & Video Production
Bryan T. Ostenburgh
Director of Research & Development
Lyndsey W. Ibiza
Vice President of Consumer Relations
Captain Paul Stevens
Corporate Pilot
Dr. Melinda B. Hayes
Corporate Medical Counsel
Pastor Terrence J. Lee
Director of Religious Services
Victor H. Burkus
CEO & Vice President
Stephanie Y. Pratt
COO & Communications Director
Keeley A. McKenna
Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing
Marcus O' Shannessy
CVO & Director of Talent
Zeus J. Abernathy
Director of Audio & Video Production
Jenn H. Liddycoat
Director of Accounting & Financial Services
Edward Fitzsimmons
Corporate Legal Counsel
William "JC" McGee
Director of Human Resources
Thaddeus Ramsey
Corporate Executive Chef
Destiny K. Knowles
Corporate Liason & Event Scheduler

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